Highking is a winning company ,and we are committed to win with integrity.

Highking is a winning company ,and we are committed to win with integrity.This commitment is enshrined in our company values and underpins the way we do business ,Our values are at the core of everything we do; they underpin our business strategy,are measured in our performance management system, and guide our daily thoughts, actions and decisions.We all aspire to model these behaviours everyday.


Our Business & Service

Highking is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cotton bags ,we focus on Design and Production for COTTON BAGS since 2010 !

In 2008 Mr. Stone Heng devoted himself to eco-friendly、recycled industry, these positive ideas kept coming to his mind. One year later, in 2009,High King Cotton Bag Factory started.

Highking is a growing enterprise with the vision of providing best cotton bags with effective and comprehensive services for buyers and wholesalers around the globe.

For these years, Environmental protection is increasingly becoming a part of our lives, which make us believe, the more one enterprise hold the"green”, the closer it’ll get to continuous success.High King is eco-friendly and socially conscious and brings this consciousness into everything we do, we recycle fabric where possible.

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Our Clients

Part of our success can be attributed to the elite Brands who have been supporting our business in the past years and currently actively endorsing our business like brands listed below and more 

Professional cotton bag manufacturer and supplier, since 2010